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Why Latvia?

The most common reaction most people have when visiting Riga for the first time is “Why didn’t I know about this place before?”

About Latvia

Latvia became a member of the European Union in 2004. Of the three Baltic States, Riga, the capital of Latvia, is the largest city. As a city break destination, Riga has grown steadily in popularity due to its charm and sophistication. Whether you travel, by foot, tram or trolleybus you can see beautiful Art Nouveau-style buildings in stark contrast to the architecture from the Soviet Union days.

Beautiful Riga, Something for Everyone

The cobbled streets of Riga Old Town (dating back to 1201) house ancient buildings, for example, Riga Castle (the Latvian History Museum and Foreign Art Museum are located here), the Three Brothers houses and the Riga Dome Cathedral. Latvians are renowned for being musical, so enjoy the experience of visiting one of the many Latvian bars, many of which have live music and relax with a Latvian beer.

Recommended places of interest are the medieval castle in Cesis, the ‘Baltic Riviera’ or visit the rapids on the River Gauju. White sandy beaches stretching for 500 kilometres make the Baltic coastline unique with its biosphere reserves and national parks.

The most frequently visited beaches can be found in Liepaja, Ventspils and Jurmala (Jurmala is just half an hour train journey from Riga), however secluded, quiet and beautiful beaches can be found along the coast, Pine forests, unspoilt countryside, fresh, clean air and an abundance of friendly, interesting villages makes Latvia the place to visit.

Riga can trace its origins back nearly 2,000 years when it was known as Duna Urbs and played an important role in seaborne and riverbourne trade in the area. During the middle ages it became an important Viking trading post. By the 12th century contemporary accounts were already referring to it as an “ancient port” attesting to its longevity.

Today the city embodies the indomitable spirit of its people and has been recognised as a European Capital of Culture as recently as 2014. It boasts numerous EU offices, has played host to world class sporting events and NATO summits and boasts a city centre that has been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Scores of people come to Riga for weight loss surgery and come back for the love of the place.

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Medical Tourism in Latvia

Medical tourism has gained popularity in recent years. High quality medical treatment can now be found outside of the UK and there is no shortage of people looking to Europe for affordable treatment.

Medical training in Latvia is of an exceptional level, Latvian doctors and nurses are highly regarded and many are employed throughout Europe, including the UK.

Every year, thousands fly into Latvia to undergo procedures, surgeries and medical treatments. The standards and level of care are remarkable in Latvia.

Typical costs for surgery in the UK for a gastric bypass operation for example, could be approximately £11,000. Compare this to surgery in Latvia which would cost you approximately £4,980, for the same operation.

Gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and revisional surgery are all available in Latvia. Cosmetic procedures are also available for excess skin such as tummy tucks and more.

If you take into account that private hospitals in Latvia also offer highly qualified English speaking surgeons and nurses, modern state of the art equipment and excellent standards of care, Latvia seems the obvious choice.

The European Union defines standards that Weight Loss Riga exceeds. Because our standards are beyond those expected, we are able to offer inclusive packages!

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